A tutorial on public health dissertation writing

When writing a public health paper, you have limited time with your supervisor. This implies that it is important that you make the most of the time that you have with the supervisor because their assistance is invaluable when it comes to writing this paper. Read the following tips to maximize the value and efficiency of a tutorial on public health dissertation writing.

  • Prepare in advance
    It is crucial that you take time to prepare for the tutorial. You will waste your time if you spend it looking at the materials that you may have studied before the tutorial or trying to catch up. Therefore, prepare in advance because this will make the writing process easier. Prepare issues and topics that you would like to cover and go through them. Note that the supervisor might have limited time for looking over the drafts. Therefore, prepare sections and ideas that you want to discuss with them so that you can maximize the input of the supervisor to the real work itself.
  • Plan in time
    The number of supervisors is generally limited. To avoid the mistakes that will lead to wastage of the allotted time, find out what time you have with the supervisor in advance. Come up with a plan in conjunction with the supervisor. Assign each area or topic part of the tutorial and ensure that everything will fit in the allotted time. The structure of your plan should reflect the structure of your work. However, leave some time for the read-through with the supervisor after you finish writing. Also have time for referencing, correcting minor errors and writing the bibliography.
  • Take notes
    The supervisor is an expert on public health topics. Therefore, take notes continuously during the supervision period. This will enable you to remember valuable information and advice from the supervisor. If the supervisor mentions a theorist or text that you should consider, note it down instead of depending on your memory. The supervision hours as well as the knowledge of the supervisor are very precious. Do not let them go and kick yourself wishing that you noted them somewhere.