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County of Riverside General Plan - Hearing Draft

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[Table of Contents]
Section     County of Riverside General Plan - Hearing Draft Page No.

Introduction S-1
  Relation to Other Documents S-1
    Technical Background Report S-1
    Other General Plan Elements S-2
    Area Plans S-2
Setting S-3
Issues and Policies S-4
  General Issues & Policies S-4
    Code Conformance & Development Regulations S-4
    Hazard Reduction S-6
  Hazard Specific Issues and Policies S-7
    Seismic Hazards S-7
      Fault Rupture S-8
      Seismacally-Induced Liquefaction, Landslides, and Rock Falls S-10
    Slope & Soil Instability Hazards S-21
      Landslides, Rockfalls, and Debris Flows S-21
      Subsidence and Expansive & Collapsible Soils S-22
      Wind Erosion S-24
    Flood & Inundation Hazards S-35
      Flood and Inundation Hazard Abatement S-35
      High-Risk Facilities S-38
      Risk Assessment S-39
    Fire Hazards S-45
      Building Code & Performance Standards S-45
      Wind-Related Hazards S-46
      Lang-Range Fire Safety Planning S-46
    Hazardous Waste & Materials S-51
      Southern California Hazardous Waste Management Authority S-51
      Hazardous Waste Management Plan S-52
    Disaster Preparedness, Response & Recovery S-53
      Disaster Preparedness S-53
      Critical Facilities and Lifelines S-54
      Earthquake Response System S-56
      Emergency Evacuation S-56
      Disaster Recovery Plans S-57
      Public Information and Outreach S-57
S-1 Mapped faulting in Riverside County S-13
S-2 Earthquake Fault Study Zones S-15
S-3 Generalized Liquefaction S-17
S-4 Earthquake-Induced Slope Instability Map S-19
S-5 Regions Underlain by Steep Slopes S-27
S-6 Engineering Geologic Materials Map S-29
S-7 Documented Subsidence Areas S-31
S-8 Wind Erosion Susceptibility Map S-33
S-9 100- and 500-Year Flood Hazard Zones S-41
S-10 Dam Failure Inundation Zones S-43
S-11 Wildfire Susceptibility S-49
S-12 Inventory of Hospital Locations S-59
S-13 Inventory of Emergency Response Facilities S-61
S-14 Inventory of School Locations S-63
S-15 Inventory of Communication Facilities S-65
S-16 Inventory of Dam Locations S-67
S-17 Inventory of Highway Bridges S-69
S-18 Inventory of Hazardous Materials S-71
S-19 Airport Locations S-73
S-20 Major Highway Locations S-75
S-21 Rail Facilities, Available Water, Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Inventory Data S-77
S-1 Multi-Hazard Safety Actions S-5

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