An Easy Way To Compose A Dissertation On Globalisation

Globalisation is a phenomenon that is perceived as an increase in the world’s inter-connectedness. The primary pillars that define globalisation include political, economic and cultural dimensions. A good globalisation dissertation should not just define globalisation but also highlight the views of various scholars on globalisation. Some scholars have argued that cultural globalisation increases cultural styles’ convergence on the global norms. According to these scholars, that norm is being defined and codified by the system of global capitalists. Sharing of cultural norms and values has led to the emergence of a single global culture. Political globalisation on the other hand refers to erosion of former power and roles of a nation-state while economic globalisation refers to an economy where distance is less important to the economic activities. This implies that larger nation-states can sub-contract to the branch plants that are in distant places, operating effectively in a “borderless” globe or world.

Below is a guide on an easy way to compose a paper on globalisation:

An abstract is very important section of a dissertation. It enables readers to decide whether to read the rest of the paper or not. It is a section that tells the readers about the purpose of your dissertation. It highlights your reason for writing a paper on globalisation. This can be to explore the question; why is globalisation a contentious term? In that case, the abstract should tell readers that your piece seeks to explore the relationship between globalisation and its impact on the authority of a state. The abstract should also tell readers works that will be explored in the dissertation.

The introduction is the section that highlights the subject’s background, rationale behind choosing the topic, innovation of a proposed research and the presentation structure.

Ideally, the aim of a globalisation paper is to explore globalisation and views of other scholars on the same. However, there might be specifications of the task including exploring globalisation as a process that is autonomous which mainly exists outside state boundaries.

The research question should explain the objectives or aims of your dissertation. For instance, your piece might aim at exploring the connection between state sovereignty and globalisation. In that case, your piece should have a stance. For example, your work can focus on answering the question; does globalisation undermine state’s capacity as a controversial, contentious issue and an autonomous process? This implies that globalisation provokes controversy due to its enormous effect on the characteristics and function of a modern state.

Here, you explain the methods that will be used in composing the dissertation. For instance, you can use qualitative research method on the basis of the academic work analysis. This means that you will write your piece on globalisation after analyzing globalisation-related work that includes articles, books and academic journals.

In this section, summarize your main findings in a systematic manner. Also present recommendations and suggest future research fields in a coherent manner. You can also recommend works that needs further exploration.

  1. Write the abstract
  2. Write the introduction
  3. Write the literature review
  4. In this section, you focus on the views of other scholars. Compare and contrast how different sources define globalisation as well as state sovereignty. Literature review should discuss main literature critically while outlining the contention points in academia as well as among the policy makers. It is important that you consider works by those who perceive globalisation as state independence, autonomous process or as related to processes of a state.


  5. Highlight objectives and Aims
  6. Compose a research question
  7. Methodology
  8. Recommendations and conclusions