The Essentials of a Successful Dissertation on Economics

No matter your discipline as an economics, a successful dissertation requires little more than graph evidence and a strong, comprehensive and fallacy-free argument. The most important requirement to a successful Economics dissertation is a powerful and relevant thesis. Here are some dissertation topics (some of them were taken from Topics Base) for each of eight sub-disciplines of economics that should inspire your choice of a dissertation topic.

  1. Economic Geography
    • How does a specific region support the lock-in thesis of cluster development?
    • The contribution of international policy on the US’ economic landscape
    • Why do industries cluster together in the same region? With reference to one industry.
    • The role of immigration in regional economics.
    • How will the role of traditional industries change in the future?
  2. Economic Sociology
    • What is social capital? What is its role?
    • How do family units affect firms?
    • How will social media affect the economy in the long-run?
    • How do universities or similar institutions act as entrepreneurs?
    • How has the role of the family changed over time, from an economic point of view?
  3. Institutional Economics
    • How does entrepreneurship change from country to country?
    • What is the role of public schooling in a country’s entrepreneurship capacities?
    • How different is the job cycle and requirements for an entrepreneur, manager, and investor?
  4. Microeconomics
    • How true is the economies of scale model? Evidence from multiple case studies.
    • How have new regulations affected an industry? How has the industry responded?
    • Microeconomic approaches and solutions to problems in the energy market.
    • What is a knowledge firm and how do their microeconomic properties differ from other firms?
  5. Macroeconomics
    • Has the model rung true in the relationship between interest rates and consumption?
    • How does oil affect consumption? Is there a consistent value by which change in oil prices affects change in consumption?
    • How does inflation affect the profits of an individual firm? At what point does the neutrality of money shatter?
  6. Regional Development
    • What is the role of technology in regional development? Where on Earth is the technology concentrated? How will it spread?
    • What is the link between regional institutions and regional development?
  7. Employment Economics
    • How have jobs been created or destroyed in the last decade? How will they be in the future?
    • Is there a strong correlation between minimum wage and unemployment? How final are the theories?
  8. Financial Economics
    • What are the determinants of corporate debt within a certain country?
    • Compare and contrast the financial structure of two political entities.