"We could take a minimalist approach in satisfying federal, state, and local regulations in order to build our communities and public works projects. We ought to challenge ourselves to go beyond that. The RCIP is a vehicle to show the public that we can create a county that is an outstanding place to live."
--- Riverside County Supervisor, Bob Buster
RCTC Board certifies the Winchester to Temecula Corridor Tier 1 EIR.  
New General Plan resolution of adoption and attachments, adopted during October 07, 2003 public meeting of the Riverside County Board of Supervisors  
MSHCP Final Documents Adopted 06/17/03  
RCTC Board supports recommendation regarding Hemet to Corona Lake Elsinore Corridor, June 11, 2003  
Moreno Valley to San Bernardino Bi-County Corridor Overall Map  
Public Notice of Availability - Tier 1 Final Environmental Impact Statement / Report (EIS/EIR) Available for the Winchester to Temecula Corridor  
Public Notice of Public Scoping Meetings for the Moreno Valley to San Bernardino County Corridor EIR
Notice of Preparation of an Environmental Impact Report for the Moreno Valley to San Bernardino County Corridor  
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